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UNESCO Heritage Sights

Cracow's Historic Centre 
the magnificent Old Town complex with the Market Square (the largest medieval square in Europe, approx. 210 x 212 m),St. Mary’s Church, Cloth Hall, Wawel Hill with its Royal Castle and Cathedral, Collegium Maius

Wieliczka Salt Mine
one of the wonders of Poland and of the oldest world’s mining sites still is operation. Impressive underground world of unique sculptures, chambers, halls, galleries, salt lakes, statues and a chapel at the depth of 101 meters all carved in rock salt.

Auschwitz Birkenau former Concentration and Extermination Camp
Auschwitz saw one of the most tragic events in the history of mankind during the German occupation. The fortified walls, barbed wire, barracks and gas chambers remind the visitors of the genocide.  One of the most terrifying but also touching places in the world.

Bialowieski National Park
Leave the civilization behind and explore the impressive range of flora and fauna in the most valuable natural area of the European lowlands.  Unique animal kingdom – home of the European bison and other numerous species.

 Historic Centre of Warsaw
totally destroyed during WWII, the Old Town and the Royal Castle were reconstructed and today attract visitors who can feel the breath of history and see the charm and beauty of monuments, galleries, churches and tenement houses. This picturesque, historic quarter is a breathing tribute to a city that refused to die. The Royal Route, historical squares and their surroundings and other trails are available to cover a wide range of interests. Each presents a different face of Warsaw.

Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork
biggest medieval brick gothic castle in the world, former seat of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. Now a museum, the castle invites tourists to its impressive defensive walls, corridors, chambers, exhibits and displays.

Medieval Town of Torun
the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus. This city with its original street pattern and early buildings, provides a complete picture of the medieval way of life.  Highlights include the Old Town Square with the Town Hall, Copernicus family house and university, Gothic churches, city walls and gates, ruins of the Teutonic castle, the Leaning Tower and the famous delicious gingerbread.

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska the Mannerist Architectural Park Landscape
Complex and Pilgrimage Park
a Sanctuary site famous for its Passion Plays and spectacular Stations of the Cross.  This complex consists of a basilica, a Franciscan monastery and several Calvary paths lined with shrines, chapels and small churches.  It is here where the miraculous painting of the Virgin Mary and Child is found in the Baroque Church of the Angelic Mother of God.

Highlights include thirteen places registered by UNESCO on the World Cultural Heritage list

Other places of interest:

Zelazowa Wola

Zelazowa Wola – the small village located approx. 50 km west of Warsaw, near the Kampinoski National Park, owns its fame to Frederic Chopin. Visit the manor house – the birthplace of the most famous Polish composer – now a museum devoted to the pianist. Listen to Chopin’s wonderful works during Sunday piano recitals held every summer and take a stroll through the beautiful park surrounding the manor house.

Wilanow Palace and  Park

Wilanow Palace and Park – the former summer residence of King Jan III Sobieski built in the mid-17th century. The Wilanow Palace is one of the most beautiful monuments of European Baroque and witness to the historical splendor of Poland. Visitors can admire interiors lavishly furnished with portraits, sculptures and a series of splendid individual gardens (two-level Baroque garden, Neo-Renaissance rose garden, English-Chinese landscape park, Wilanow Lake) – an idyllic and peaceful place for all visitors.

Royal Lazienki Park

Royal Lazienki Park – one of Europe’s most beautiful gardens and home to valuable architecture and art monuments. The 74 hectare site originally served as the residence of Poland’s last monarch – Stanislaw August Poniatowski. Notable features amid the gardens include the Palace on the Water, the Frederic Chopin monument, the Amphitheatre and the Old Orangery. Located in the center of Warsaw, the Park is the favorite place for a Sunday stroll where one is likely to be confronted by one of the several magnificent peacocks.


Wroclaw – the capital city of Lower Silesia and one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the country. Often called the Venice of the North due to its unique location on 12 islands connected by more than 100 bridges. Wroclaw is rich in monuments and marvelous architecture. The most visited part of the city is the beautiful Market Square with its colourful tenement houses, magnificent Town Hall, excellent cafes and restaurants.


Wadowice – the birthplace of Pope John Paul II. Explore places dearest to the Holy Father during his childhood and adolescence, including the Parish Church where he was baptized and his family home – now a museum which collects objects that belonged to Karol Wojtyla and his family.

Czestochowa/Jasna Gora Monastery

Czestochowa/Jasna Gora Monastery – Poland’s spiritual heart where millions of pilgrims visit the chapel of the miraculous painting of the Black Madonna.


Zakopane – most popular mountain resort in Poland. Highland wooden architecture, folk culture, splendid natural scenery and remarkable sights of the Tatra Mountains. A visit to Zakopane is also a great opportunity to sample the traditional dishes of the region such as Oscypek or Kwasnica.


Gdansk – a Hanseatic town with a rich history located in the north of the country on the Baltic Sea coast. It is mostly known as the city of freedom, birthplace of the Solidarity movement which played a major role in bringing an end to communism across Central Europe. Gdansk was also the scene of the first battle of WWII when Nazi Germany attacked the Polish military post on Westerplatte. At present this maritime capital of Poland attracts many people interested in its architecture, special atmosphere of the medieval times. Enjoy the narrow streets, historical monuments, art galleries, amber jewellery workshops, merchant houses and numerous cafes located in the Old Town area.

Warsaw Jewish heritage sites

Warsaw Jewish heritage sites- before WWII, over 30% of the population of Warsaw was Jewish. It was the second largest Jewish community in Europe at the time. Historical sites of Jewish Warsaw include: the Umschlagplatz, the Ghetto Heroes Monument, Prozna Street, the Jewish Theater, the Nozyk Synagogue, 6 Twarda Street, fragment of Ghetto Wall at 55 Sienna Street, Chlodna and Walicow Street, The Janusz Korczak Orphanage, The Jewish Cemetery, Mila 18, The Jewish Historical Institute and many other.

The Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki

The Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki – situated on the southern outskirts of Krakow, the Sanctuary houses the relics of Blessed St. Faustina and welcomes millions of pilgrims from all over the world every year.

Warsaw Rising Museum

Warsaw Rising Museum – this modern multimedia museum is a great place where one can learn about the most tragic chapter of Warsaw's history. It is not possible to understand Warsaw without looking at this city and remembering that it was here where 63 days of heroic struggle against the occupying German forces during WWII took place. The museum is a monument to the sacrifice of the people of Warsaw, who fought and died for the freedom of Poland and its capital.

Palace of Culture and Science

Palace of Culture and Science – a landmark on the tourist map of Warsaw that is hard to miss. This monument is a sample of the communist past, raised in 1952 as a “gift of the Soviet nation” and it stands tall at 231 meters in the heart of the city. Today the Palace houses theatres, a modern leisure center, a swimming pool, disco, casino and Warsaw’s largest entertainment arena – Sala Kongresowa – once used for communist party meetings. Enjoy a superb view of Warsaw from the viewing platform found on the 30th floor.

and many other places that are worth visiting…

These are just a few mentioned attractions that await guests visiting Poland. If you visit Poland, you will definitely want to come back!
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