The Wooden Architecture Route


Regular sightseeing tours

Departure from your hotel between (8:00 am and 9:00 am)
duration 5 h. Transportation, an English-speaking guide  ,

hotel pick up  from selected hotels,  entrance to the heritage park in Wygielzow




The Wooden Architecture Route (English speaking guides)       

IV-X (April-October 2013): morning tour – Monday, Thursday (minimum 2 persons required)

We invite you to follow the route that will take you where the scent of ancient logs,

inside a church or a cottage, will help you find the spirit and serenity of the past.


"Kazimierz the Great received a Poland made of wood but gave it back built of stone" – as the saying goes.

However, as it was the case in towns mostly, in most rural areas local carpenters continued to build of wood. This seemingly inferior material was cheaper, more available and enabled people to be self-reliant. As a result, wooden architecture still prevailed in the countryside where buildings were erected in perfect harmony with the landscape. The unmatched number of preserved objects in Małopolska led to the creation of The Wooden Architecture Route, which stretches for about 1500 km comprising over 200 churches, belfries, granaries, cottages and manor houses. The trip takes you to the most attractive places which are within a relatively short distance from Kraków and also gives you a chance to see the countryside off the main tourist routes.


Rate: EUR 56/per person
Babies aged 0-3 years – free of charge


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