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Why Poland?

Poland is an exciting destination where everyone can find something for themselves – no matter what their interests are. 
A journey across Poland is a great opportunity to experience and discover:  

fascinating cities with a rich cultural heritage, history and architecture;  interesting museums  & art galleries;  SPA resorts with a breathtaking view of the sea, mountains and lakes;  unspoiled nature and diversity of landscapes; places of worship and spiritual journey;  delicious local cuisine and vibrant everyday life in the heart of Europe. 

If you are planning to travel to central or eastern Europe you should definitely stop by and visit Poland.  There are numerous convenient air, rail and road connections available to begin your delightful discovery at any time of the year. Do not hesitate to contact our office to learn more about this thrilling destination.

The many faces of Poland and attractions are awaiting



The history of Poland is over one thousand years old.During this time there were periods of splendor and decline, years of success and devastating wars.These centuries of history created a great cultural heritage and many valuable memorials such as castles, palaces, country manors, churches and burgher houses. These monuments may become a cherished memory and experience for lovers of history, painting, sculpture and arts. The complex historical events and strong national spirit make Poland one of the most intriguing countries to visit.

There are many activity and vacation opportunities for those who enjoy close contact with nature. Diversified Polish landscapes feature sandy beaches along the Baltic Sea, waters of Warmia &  Mazuria - the land of a thousand lakes and high mountains found on Poland's southern border.  Numerous seaside resorts, sailing centers, attractive trails for enthusiasts of hiking, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, horseback riding, mountain climbing and angling are awaiting.  Poland has become the scene for nature lovers who participate in watching of rare species of birds and animals. It is the home for the wild European bison and breed of Arabian horses. There are 23 National Parks in Poland which offer an exceptional adventure and bring you close to nature.

Poland has a tasty and varied cuisine. The essence of the rich Polish tradition blends with the newest trends making the choice of food appreciated and well-known around the world.  Local restaurants specialize in delicious traditional dishes such as: Żurek – sour soup with a kiełbasa (sausage) and egg sometimes served in a bread loaf / Bigos – stewed cabbage with various meat and sausages / Pierogi – dumplings stuffed with different tasty fillings (cabbage & mushrooms, cheese & potatoes, meat or with fruits / Gołąbki - cabbage leaves stuffed with meat and rice / Oscypek – smoked sheep’s milk cheese. Other dishes worth trying include soups such as borsch, grzybowa – wild mushroom soup, kwaśnica – sauerkraut soup. Those who like sweets will be delighted with the Polish gingerbread, pączki -  Polish donut filled with rose marmalade or other fruit jams, poppy seed cake and sernik – delicious cheesecake. Crunchy chleb (bread) and bułki (bread rolls) make the Polish cuisine and tradition complete.
While visiting Poland you cannot miss to sample the national liqueur – Polish vodka – a suitable addition to cheerful meals. Chopin and Belvedereare the most exclusive brands among the best alcohols of the world.  The famous Żubrówka (Bison Grass Vodka), Krupnik (Honey Liqueur) and other fine beverages are widely available.
Apart from traditional specialties, Poland offers excellent international cuisine.  We will be happy to guide you through the many culinary choices Poland has to offer.  We are ready to help you with your restaurant reservations, pick out the best venue for your meal or to arrange a picnic in the scenic countryside.  Those who like sweets will be delighted with the Polish piernik – gingerbread.We offer sightseeing tours combined with tasting of Polish beer and vodka. Do not hesitate to contact our office for more details.


Poland is one of the most religious countries in the world.  Many churches, beautiful sanctuaries and cathedrals are awaiting for pilgrims who desire to follow in the footsteps of Pope John Paul II, St. Faustina  or St. Maximilian Kolbe.  Let us organize an unforgettable spiritual journey combined with an enjoyable holiday.  Famous landmarks include the Jasna Gora Monastery in Czestochowa, Kalwaria Zebrzydowka pilgrimage site, Divine Mercy Shrine in Lagiewniki, Swinice Warckie – place of St. Faustina’s baptism, Wadowice – hometown of Pope John Paul II, Wawel Cathedral, Franciscan Monastery in Niepokalanow, Lichen Stary and many other places of worship.
The followers of other faiths have their sanctuaries in many places around the country:   the Protestant churches in Swidnica and Jawor, Orthodox Church at The Holy Mount of Grabarka or the Nozyk Synagogue -  home to the Jewish Community

Poland is a perfect destination for organizing successful meetings, conferences, incentives and events.  Top class, deluxe hotels, exclusive restaurants, modern and fully equipped conference centers and appealing venues in fascinating cities with local attractions are at visitor’s disposal.  Among the most popular places are cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Poznan. Apart from modern, typical conference facilities , Poland also offers castles, palaces and manor houses with splendid renovated and modernized interiors.  Unique venues include various museums, art centers, sailing ships, concert halls, theatres, historic fortress sites, former factories and industrial locations.
All kinds of events from small workshops to big scale international happenings can be organized at any time of the year. Let us provide you with the best options and solutions. We would be happy to plan and organize the perfect program for your guests in a country full of inspiration and diversity – Poland.

Poland is worth a visit. You can find more information about some of the top spots here.
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